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Junior Mechanical Engineer


Sarnia, ON Canada

Job Description

Reporting to the Production Manager, the Junior Mechanical Engineer will be responsible for learning both the front end and downstream parts of process to build up expertise in both areas.  They will shadow and work with the Upstream and Downstream lead engineers to learn the processes, how to troubleshoot them, and how to startup and shutdown the entire operation.  They will work closely with the operations team during commissioning and start-up to learn the process in side out and to look for ways to make improvements to the operability of the process.  They will study under the lead engineers to learn and build a solid expertise of the entire process over time, to the point where they can troubleshoot any part of the process.  They will spend the majority of their time in the field, working with operations, engineering and the laboratory staff to get a strong understanding of not only how the process works, but also the bottle necks and inefficiencies of the process.  Pre-commissioning they will work with the lead engineers and operations supervisor to build standard operating procedures for all activities within the plant, define DCS control logic for the plant, define lock-out tag-out procedures, and support the development and improvement of the commissioning and start-up plan. 

The Junior Mechanical Engineer should have a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (or similar) and 1-5 years’ experience working in an industrial environment.  They should be familiar with the principles of evaporation, fermentation, solid-liquid separation, and crystallization. They should be familiar with heat exchangers, pumps, valves, pressure vessels and the various calculations associated with these pieces of equipment.  As they will be dealing with people from operations, engineering, laboratory and other departments, they should have strong communication skills and a very positive attitude.  The Junior Mechanical Engineer will also conform, contribute and reinforce the Lean Manufacturing principles that the plant employs as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.  The Junior Mechanical Engineer will be expected to not only conform to the food grade standards of BioAmber, but also be a supporting the lead engineers as champions of food grade within the plant.

  • Learn process through P&ID review, Process narrative review and study under lead engineers
  • Help with generation of SOPs for all activities required for successful operation of the plant including CIP, Start-up, Shutdown, Routine Operation, Sampling and Upset Recovery.
  • Work with the lead engineers and operations supervisor to help prepare training packages for operability and start-up of the plant.
  • Work with Lead Engineers and DCS suppliers to help generate DCS Control Logic for the plant to ensure ease of operability and safety
  • Work with Engineering to refine the Commissioning and Start-Up plan.
  • Work with Lead Engineers to build a strong lock-out tag-out procedure for the entire plant.
  • Work with Lead Engineers to do a full mass balance, heat balance and utility balance of the plant.

  • Help with the commissioning of all pumps, valves, motors, vessels, control loops, etc. in the plant as per the Commissioning and Start-Up plan (Cold and Hot Commissioning).
  • Work with Plant Engineering to modify the commissioning plan.  Contribute to troubleshooting issues during commissioning and start-up.
  • Ensure correct execution of protocols through working with operations in the field.
  • Train with Vendors during commissioning to build expertise with various plant equipment.
  • Working with lead engineers to debottleneck areas of the plant when and if required.

  • Continuing to monitor and audit the process to ensure continuing proper execution of protocols.  Identifying and suggesting modifications to the protocols to increase efficiency and ease of operation.
  • Analyzing fermentation performance, trending analysis and suggesting improvements to protocol to help increase yields and productivity.  This position will spend a lot of their time working on fermentation analysis and improvement as this will be one of the core responsibilities of this role.
  • Identifying areas for value engineering to increase: cost effectiveness, productivity or operability.
  • Work closely with the operations supervisor to help with continual training of operations staff for cross functionality.
  • Analyze process samples using laboratory equipment to monitor and troubleshoot processes.
  • Work towards developing a very strong understanding of the entire process to allow more independence in engineering of the process.
  • Work with Maintenance department to ensure quick turnarounds of both planned and unplanned shutdowns.
  • Ensure adherence to production schedule and timelines.
  • Work with Engineering to troubleshoot and improve process performance.
  • Strong advocate for ensuring conformity to food grade methods of operation in the field.  Work closely with operations supervisor to ensure compliance.
  • Developing and fostering a culture of safety, championing safety throughout the plant and the company.
  • Operations support – Helping operations to run smoothly including helping with start-ups and shutdowns or whenever additional manpower is required.

Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (or similar) plus 1-5 years of operational experience in other production facilities.
  • Familiarity with pumps, heat exchangers, pressure vessels and control loops is an asset.
  • Strong Teamwork and interpersonal skills and a positive attitude is what we are looking for.
  • The following list of skills would all be considered assets but are not mandatory:
    • Fermentation Experience is a big plus.
    • ISO 9001 and/or ISO 14001 Experience
    • Food Manufacturing Experience
    • Familiarity with DCS or PLC control systems
    • Basic Analytical Experience
    • Strong mechanical aptitude is an asset as well.
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