BioAmber is steadfast in its commitment to commercially-viable sustainability in the manufacturing of everyday products. Through proprietary innovation and an adeptness for identifying legitimate growth opportunities, BioAmber has grown into a market leader in the field of bio-based succinic acid and its derivative chemicals.  BioAmber is honoured to have been recognized for the work it intrinsically values.

2011 US EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge    2011 ICIS Innovation Award     



2014 Paul N. Rylander Award

Dr. James F. White has been awarded the 2014 Paul N. Rylander Award for significant contributions to the use of catalysis in organic reactions. Dr. White has over 45 years of successful industrial, academic and National Laboratory experience in many areas of catalysis, from oxidations to hydrogenations, and many reactions in between. He is a named inventor on more than 100 US and non-US patents, and contributed to, or was responsible for, R&D developments leading to the successful commercialization of over 60 processes and catalysts during his career. During his industrial career at Sohio®, the Houdry® Division of Air Products and especially at Engelhard®, a remarkable feature of his accomplishments has been the successful commercialization of several catalytic processes starting from lab scale inception, catalyst development, process optimization, and scale up/piloting. Since retiring from Battelle-PNNL in Oct 2009, Dr. White has been successfully operating as an independent technology consultant in catalysis, catalytic processing and biomass conversions. In this capacity, he was a named contributor to a 2011 R&D 100 Award based on work done for an industrial client.

2011 US EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award

The Award promotes technology that provides substantial environmental benefits using green chemistry. BioAmber’s platform was recognized as the leading technology in the field of succinic acid. BioAmber is the first company to successfully commercialize a biobased chemical that directly substitutes its petro-chemical equivalent.   [Read more on BioAmber's 2011 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award]


2011 ICIS Innovation Award for Best Business Innovation

The ICIS innovation Award for Best Business Innovation highlights innovation in the way chemical companies do business. The voting panel recognized BioAmber’s use of open innovation and industrial biotechnology to bring to market a sustainable, cost effective technology that produces a range of C4 chemicals including succinic acid and 1,4-butanediol.ICIS is a leading provider of news and information for the chemical and energy sectors.  The ICIS Innovation Awards highlight the best the chemical industry has to offer in the way of innovation and providing solutions to society's needs. This year there was a significant emphasis on bio-based technologies, designed to replace oil and gas feedstocks in the chemical industry, or to reduce carbon emissions. These annual awards are sponsored by Dow Corning, as lead sponsor, with category sponsorship by management consultancy CRA (Best Product Innovation), chemical distributor US Chemicals (Innovation with Best Environmental Benefit), and Health, Nutrition & Materials company DSM (Best Innovation for Sustainability). The voting panel included Marcel Wubbolts, CTO DSM, Gregg Zank, CTO Dow Corning, Adrian Higson, Head of Biorefining at NNFCC, the UK Centre for Biorenewable Energy, Fuels and Materials and Neil Checker, VP Chemicals at CRA.
Babette Pettersen, Senior VP Marketing & Sales BioAmber and Patrick Piot, VP Business Development BioAmber received the Award from Peter Cartwright, Executive Director HES, Dow Corning, in London on December 2nd, 2011. 
[Read more on BioAmber's 2011 ICIS Best Business Innovation Award]

The 2011 and 2012 Global Cleantech 100 Companies

The annual Global Cleantech 100 provides a list of 100 highly promising companies put together by a panel of hundreds of industry insiders from around the world. They are among thousands of cleantech companies that take the idea of a greener future as their day to day challenge. An expert panel made up to 70 individuals, drawn principally from leading investors in Asia, Europe and North America, and from representatives of multi-nationals from a deliberately-varied (and balanced) set of industrial backgrounds. The end result is a list of companies that command a broad base of respect and support from many players within the global cleantech innovation ecosystem, not just insiders. BioAmber has been listed as one of the 100 most promising companies two years in a row.