BioAmber has been producing bio-based succinic acid in a large-scale facility in France since January 2010. The facility is one of the largest bio-based manufacturing fermenters in the world thanks to its 350,000 liter commercial-scale fermenter. BioAmber has entered into a partnership with Mitsui & Co. for a global-scale manufacturing facility in Sarnia, Ontario.

Pomacle, France 

Pomacle, France
BioAmber currently produces bio-based succinic acid at a facility in Pomacle, France, which is owned by ARD and was built at a reported cost of €21.0 million. The facility is integrated into an existing bio-refinery that supplies the bio-based succinic acid plant with glucose, carbon dioxide, steam, ammonia and process water.

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Sarnia, Ontario
The planned facility in Sarnia, Ontario, the first facility to be built pursuant to BioAmber’s joint venture agreement with Mitsui & Co., is located in a bio-industrial park owned by Lanxess. The site is co-located in a large petrochemical hub with existing infrastructure that facilitates access to utilities and certain raw materials and finished product shipment, including steam, electricity, hydrogen, water treatment and carbon dioxide. The facility will have initial capacity of approximately 30,000 metric tons of bio-based succinic acid and is expected to be mechanically complete in 2014. BioAmber plans to further expand production by 20,000 metric tons in 2016, bringing total annual capacity to 50,000 metric tons.