• Using sugars to produce building block chemicals more responsibly and economically

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About Us

Ecologically Concious
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What We Make

Succinic Acid
Disodium Succinate
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How We Make It

We use renewable feedstocks (sugars) instead of fossil fuels and apply industrial biotechnology (fermentation) using our proprietary yeast, which consumes sugar and CO2 to produce succinic acid. We then recover and purify the succinic acid and use conventional chemistry to convert the succinic acid into 1,4 Butanediol and disodium succinate.

We can use any type of sugar (C6 or C5) as feedstock
Our yeast is very efficient at producing succinic acid
CO2 is our other feedstock – providing roughly 25% of the carbon in succinic acid
Our succinic acid is 100% bio-based 

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