Instrumentation Technologist


Sarnia, ON Canada

Job Description

The Instrumentation Technologist will be responsible for learning both the front end and downstream parts of process to build up expertise in automation and instrumentation requirements and functionality in both areas.


He/she will shadow and work with the Maintenance Manager to learn all aspects of the process; how to troubleshoot, how to startup and shutdown the processes. He/she will work closely with the maintenance and operations team during commissioning and startup.


He/she will spend the majority of the time in the field, working with maintenance, operations, engineering, vendors and laboratory staff to get a strong understanding of not only how the automation/instrumentation works, but also how the plant processes function.




·         Continuing to monitor, reprogram, tune and audit the automation/instrumentation Rockwell system to ensure continuing proper execution of protocols.  Identifying and suggesting modifications to the protocols to increase efficiency and ease of operation.

·         Identifying areas for value engineering to increase: cost effectiveness, productivity or operability in the automation/instrumentation systems.

·         Helps with continual training of maintenance and operations staff for cross functionality.

·         Troubleshooting

·         Work towards developing a very strong understanding of the automation/instrumentation and entire process to allow more independence in engineering of the process.

·         Work with Maintenance department to ensure quick turnarounds of both planned and unplanned shutdowns.

·         Ensure adherence to production schedule and timelines.

·         Work with Engineering to troubleshoot and improve process performance.

·         Strong advocate for ensuring conformity to food grade methods of operation in the field.  Work closely with operations supervisor to ensure compliance.

·         Developing and fostering a culture of safety, championing safety throughout the plant and the company.

·         Operations support- Helping operations to run smoothly including helping with startups and shutdowns or whenever additional manpower is required.

Job Qualifications

·         Red Seal Interprovincial Instrumentation and Controls Technician (447A), plus 1-5 years of operational experience in other production facilities.

·         Familiarity with pumps, heat exchangers, pressure vessels and control loops is an asset.

·         Very familiar with programming, modifying the programs, and having knowledge of Rockwell’s RSLogix 5000 programming platform, and some Plant Pax would be a plus and asset.

·         Strong teamwork and interpersonal skills and a positive attitude is what we are looking for.


This position reports to the Maintenance Manager.

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