BioAmber Offers Drop-in Replacement for Isophthalic Acid

30% usage savings can be realized with no impact on production or performance

January 5, 2017

Chris Ellen, Vice President Sales at BioAmber, will be presenting a study on replacing Isophthalic Acid with BIO-SA™ at the upcoming Packaging Conference in Tampa Bay, Florida: February 6-8, 2017.

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Twenty-two Prominent Business and Civil Society Leaders Get behind Canada-wide Carbon Pricing Plan

October 4, 2016

​OCTOBER 4, OTTAWA. In a joint written statement, twenty-two prominent business and civil society leaders from across Canada are indicating support for the Canada-wide carbon pricing plan outlined yesterday by the Prime Minister.

Smart Prosperity

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ICIS Publishes Special Supplement on BioAmber

Examines Successful Commercialization, Critical Partnering, Succinic Platform Attractiveness and Product Mix Evolution

March 9, 2016

John Baker, Global Editor for custom publishing at ICIS, the chemical information arm of Reed Business Information, authored an in-depth supplement titled, Bio-Succinic Acid - Platform Chemical Goes to Market; BioAmber's commercial-scale facility in Sarnia Guarantees sustainable material for a wealth of downstream options.

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BioAmber Joins Smart Prosperity

A New Canadian Initiative for a Stronger and Cleaner Economy

March 1, 2016

BioAmber is excited to join the launch of Smart Prosperity - a brand new Canadian initiative aimed to build a stronger and cleaner economy. Here are three reasons to check out this new initiative:

BioAmber Joins Smart Prosperity

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