ARD and DNP Green Technology officially launch their Bio-amber Joint Venture

April 25, 2008
Pomacle-Bazancourt, France, and New York City, April 25, 2008 – After signing a letter of intention in December 2006, ARD and DNP Green Technology announced that they had officially launched a joint venture called Bio-amber. The mission of this company, in which each partner holds 50% of the shares, is to generate on a global level commercial activities involving the technology for producing succinic acid of vegetable origin and all its derivatives.

After finalizing the production technology on the pilot scale in 80-m3 fermenters, Bio-amber is soon going to benefit from ARD’s investment of €20 million in an industrial demonstration unit that will produce several thousand tons per year at the Pomacle-Bazancourt site near Reims, France. The purpose of this unit will be to validate the technology on an industrial scale before moving on to the licensing stage anticipated for the years 2010-2011.

Bio-amber is thus clearly being positioned as a partner, and not a competitor, of the major players in the chemical industry. As such, Bio-amber will offer licenses for this technology to interested partners for the production of succinic acid of vegetable origin on an industrial scale.

"The potential market for succinic acid is valued at more than €2.5 billion, with uses as varied as
antifreeze, coolants, solvents, pigments, polyesters, polyurethane, intermediates for the chemical
industry (butanediol and its derivatives), plasticisers, etc.," stated Patrick Piot, general manager of Bio-amber. "This technology will make the production of succinic acid competitive with that of
diacids of petrochemical origin."

Laurent Bernier, vice-president of research and development at DNP Green Technology, added, "Our technology makes it possible to use either glycol, saccharose, or glucose, which guarantees total flexibility with regard to the supply of raw materials. Our partners can thus build their mills in the locations that are the most profitable from a technical and economic point of view."

This agreement is an essential first step in the development of Bio-amber and indicates the
importance of this new technology, which is taking its proper place in the product range from the
bio-refinery in Pomacle-Bazancourt, France.

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ARD (Agro-Industrie Recherches et Développements) is the R&D centre of the French Champagne-Ardenne and Lorraine agro-businesses that grow cereals, sugar beets and alfalfa. Active member of the competitivity cluster Industries and Agro-Resources, ARD adds value to and finds new outlets for agricultural crops and develops innovative and competitive products that use the renewable carbon in plants after processing in a bio-refinery. Along with its affiliate SOLIANCE, which specializes in the production and commercialization of active ingredients for the cosmetics industry, and WHEATOLEO, its partnership with OLEON in the market for bio-based surfactants, ARD has 25 years of experience in plant fractionation, bio-based chemistry and white biotechnology. ARD and its affiliates have approximately 130 employees.

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DNP Green Technology
DNP Green Technology is a private company oriented toward the acquisition and development of innovative technologies for the manufacture, from renewable biomass, of molecules of interest to the chemical industry. Thanks to its numerous scientific and business partnerships, DNP Green Technology has succeeded in building an impressive portfolio of patents and expertise in the production and purification of succinic acid and some of its derivatives, as well as their applications in various industrial sectors. DNP Green Technology has offices in Princeton, N.J., New York City, and Montreal.

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51110 POMACLE, France
Tel.: +33 3 26 05 42 74
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