Proving Viability of Bio-based Materials in Performing Polyurethanes at CASE 2013

BioAmber Inc. Global Application Engineer, Bill Coggio, highlights existing solutions for the use of bio-based materials in Polyurethanes at the CASE Study Conference 2013 in Amsterdam

December 13, 2013
This year, the CASE Conference focused on Coatings & Polyurethane technologies. Technical decision makers from nine different companies, the US EPA and various academic groups gathered on Dec 10-11 in Amsterdam. The event featured fifteen technical presentations.

The 1-1/2 day conference included talks from BioAmber, Bayer, BASF, Nitoil, and Chemtura. The emphasis was on polyurethane dispersion ( PUD), sustainable materials and their applications. The take-away message was that waterborne PUDs are an active area of interest and play a significant role in helping companies achieve their sustainability targets.

It was an excellent opportunity for BioAmber to present technical papers on coatings and PUDs featuring recent findings obtained from an on-going study between BioAmber and North Dakota State University.  The presentation resonated well with the audience. We highlighted initial results suggesting improved PUD stability with high molecular weight bio-based succinic acid derived polyester-polyols and improved solvent resistance of the PUD coatings.  These findings suggest that the use of bio-based succinic acid polyesters-polyols can provide performance, differentiation, sustainability and a lower carbon footprint for CASE applications.

Bill Coggio at CASE Conference 2013

BioAmber Inc. presenter Bill Coggio (Global Application Engineer & Technical Support for BioAmber), demonstrated existing solutions for the use of bio-based materials in polyurethanes and confirmed BioAmber’s positioning as an innovative & reliable partner in the CASE sector.
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