BioAmber Inc. Bio-Succinic Acid on Brenntag Food Clean Label List

BioAmber Inc. Bio-Succinic Acid garners approval for from Brenntag and is included in Clean Label List

November 5, 2013
Brenntag is a leading global chemical distributor.  It services the chemicals market with the broadest product portfolio in the industry.  Brenntag covers the full range of markets for BioAmber Inc.’s renewable chemicals, from flavors and food ingredients, all the way through to polyurethanes and beyond.

Brenntag Clean Label List

Brenntag considers “clean-label” ingredients as those that are not synthetically produced, not highly processed, are easy to pronounce, and provide a more label friendly ingredient declaration to the consumer.

As FOODnavigator explains, "Consumers want foods that are ‘wholesome’, ‘authentic’, and above all ‘natural’.  To some consumers, ‘natural’ means safer, to others it means healthier, less processed, nothing artificial, or sustainable."

Matthew Incles, market intelligence manager at U.K.-based Leatherhead Food Research, says that, “A clean label gives consumers sufficient information to enable them to make informed decisions regarding the contents of the product. (Food Product Design, 2011)" BioAmber Inc. is proud that its bio succinic acid is listed as a "clean label " ingredient. BioAmber Inc. bio-succinic acid is a suitable and clean replacement for synthetic preservatives and flavor ingredients. 

Download: Clean Label List from Brenntag
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