BioAmber Inc. co-presents with Synthesia and Stahl Coatings at EFIB 2013

Illustrating emerging value chains for polyurethane coatings with BioAmber Inc. succinic acid at EFIB 2013

October 2, 2013
One of the focuses of the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology (EFIB) in 2013 was the importance of market pull in accelerating the path to market for renewable raw materials like BioAmber Inc.'s bio succinic acid. BioAmber Inc. co-presented at this event together with Synthesia and Stahl Holdings to provide a practical example of an emerging value chain for eco-wood coatings based on succinate polyols from Synthesia, made with BioAmber Inc. succinic acid. The joint presentation illustrated how an integrated supply chain can be established for bio-polyurethanes that offer both performance and reduced environmental footprint.

For years now, producers of bio-based chemicals have worked on developing and scaling up technology to meet the emerging market need for more environmentally friendly materials. The challenge has now moved beyond technology, sustainability and pilot/demonstration scale, to proven performance in application, with high renewable content, improved sustainability profile AND commercial scale operations, with competitive economics and secure supply chains.

Synthesia manufactures polyester polyols for the polyurethane industry; in markets ranging from Shoe Soles to Foams, Coatings, Adhesives and Sealants (CASE), and Synthesia’s Polyurethanes Systems Division, produces polyols and isocyanates formulated for the insulation market (spray, panels and pourings for global insulation) and the market for industrial applications (rigid polyurethane, flexible, integral skin, elastomers, etc.). Synthesia presented some of the advantages of bio polyols, while Stahl Holdings presented the performance of Solvent-free Polyurethane Wood Coatings made with BioAmber Inc. bio succinic acid compared to adipic acid in PU coatings, illustrating that Polyurethanes based on polyols made from renewable resources & Bio-Succinic Acid can be used to make high performance eco-wood coatings with significantly higher renewable content and equal performance vs non-bio based coatings, creating value throughout the supply chain, and for the modern consumer. Stahl Holdings is a the world's leading company in high quality coatings for leather, flexible and non-flexible substrates, textiles and related products.

In the market pull panel, global brand owners like Procter & Gamble, Ecover and Audi-from personal care to home care and automotive- talked about the importance of more sustainable raw materials for their portfolios going forward, and articulated clear goals for the future. Many brand owners today have goals of replacing 20-25% of their petroleum base materials with sustainably sourced materials by 2012; the emphasis was on products that are not only more sustainable but also strong performers and with competitive economics. 

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