BioAmber Inc. presents at Ecochem, Basel, Switzerland, November 21, 2013

BioAmber Inc. presents update on performance and sustainability benefits with BioAmber Succinic Acid at Ecochem

November 21, 2013
The presentation highlighted opportunities for green products, made with BioAmber Inc. Bio-Succinic Acid, that offer both performance & sustainability, in a broad range of applications, from automotive parts all the way through to personal care, flavors and food ingredients.
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It demonstrated how the focus has moved from; "does the technology perform", "does it scale", and "does it cost more", to "we’re getting good performance- we’re seeing novel properties. These materials have innovation potential", which offers companies the opportunity to differentiate and add value to both their business,  their customers business, all the way through to the end consumer in some cases.

The presentation talked about how BioAmber Inc., has moved beyond proof of concept and feasibility at commercial scale, to proven performance in a range of applications,  how they are integrating players across the value chain, to secure supply chains for bio-based products, and how they are expanding commercial capacity to meet growing market demand, and to achieve economies of scale.

Several brand owners presented at the conference  One of the exciting developments in the field is the innovation potential that the bio-based raw materials seem to offer, bringing not only equivalent performance to petrochemicals, but rather the potential to differentiate performance, and provide novel functionality. 

Several brand owners, including l'Oreal, Nike, Procter & Gamble presented. L'Oreal indicated that by 2020, 100% of their products will have an environmental or a social benefit, and emphasized the strong innovation potential of renewable cosmetic ingredients, and their practice of using eco-designed, high performance, sustainable ingredients to accelerate innovation. Procter & Gamble highlighted that sustainability all starts with raw materials and highlighted their innovations  with bio surfactants, which reduced traditional surfactant levels by up to 50%, with equivalent performance and a reduced environmental impact. Nike talked about their sustainability index, and the importance of delivering products for the future with high performance and a low environmental impact.
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