BioAmber Inc. Bio-Succinic Acid presented as natural taste enhancer at FiE, Frankfurt

Have you ever tasted BioAmber Succinic Acid as a natural taste enhancer? It's pretty delicious! You should try it.

November 3, 2013
BioAmber Inc. Bio Succinic Acid was presented at the Food Ingredients Europe (FIE) show in Frankfurt in November. BioAmber Inc.'s distributor, Brenntag, was sampling 2 different recipes using BioAmber Inc. bio succinic acid as a natural taste enhancer for an instant flavored drink, as well as in bouillons, soups and sauces. The objective of the sampling was to assess the potential of BioAmber Inc.'s bio succinic acid to increase the taste sensation of the existing recipes, to confirm the optimum dosage and to optimize the recipe.

BioAmber at FIE with Bio-Succinic Acid: Natural Taste Enhancer

BioAmber Inc. Bio Succinic Acid can be used as a natural taste enhancer for bouillons, soups and sauces.  It can also be used as a flavor booster for savory and sweet food applications, and as an aroma ingredient for flavors and flavor mixes. Check out the video below to get a sense of this year's Food and ingredients Europe conference.  Perhaps we'll see you at the next one.

Brenntag has assembled recipes for instant drinks and bouillon that can be downloaded below. Try it out. You can always contact us directly for samples of our bio-succinic acid. Ask us about another natural flavor enhancer: disodium succinate.

Download: Brenntag Recipes for Instant Drinks and Bouillon
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