Biobased Succinic Acid for PBS – Production Capacities to be Confirmed in 2013

Faurecia is leading the way with new bioplastic solutions for the automotive industry, using bio-PBS made with BioAmber Inc. bio-succinic acid in a high performance natural fiber composite for car interiors.

March 12, 2013
Multiple partnerships have been established to create a fully integrated supply chain for PBS for the automotive industry, including leading chemical and bioplastics companies such as PTT, Mitsubishi Chemical, Mitsui & Co., and BioAmber Inc.
Automotive Bioplastics (PBS)
The ultimate objective of these joint ventures and corresponding investments is to provide a 100 percent biobased plastic that can be used in mass-production for automotive interior parts such as door panel trim strip, console inserts, or air ducts as well as other large volume durable markets for bio-PBS.

“Together with our partner Mitsui, plans are in place to produce biobased succinic acid in Thailand. BioAmber Inc. bio-succinic acid will be used by PTT and Mitsubishi Chemicals to produce bio-PBS in the plant they are building in Thailand”, says Babette Pettersen, Chief Commercial Officer, BioAmber Inc.. “The challenge is to establish sufficient capacity of bio-succinic acid and bio-PBS to supply the growing market demand from the automotive and other large markets for durable bioplastics. Key milestones for 2013 are to confirm the biobased succinic acid and bio-PBS capacities that will be established in Thailand, along with a planned timeline for completion.”
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