BioAmber Inc.'s Contribution to EFIB: on the Inside track of European Innovation

European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology (EFIB) names BioAmber Inc.’s Babette Pettersen to its distinguished advisory board

January 28, 2014
This year’s EFIB conference promises to highlight leading-edge, bio-based technology innovation and feature dynamic visionaries and industry leaders involved in the commercialization in the bio-economic sector. (
Babette Pettersen, BioAmber CCO, namef to EFIB advisory board
As BioAmber Inc.’s Chief Commercial Officer based in Brussels, Babette is no stranger to biotechnology innovation. Babette has held successful leadership roles in Marketing and New Business Development across a broad range of industries. Her strategic responsibilities extend beyond Europe onto the global playing field.

BioAmber Inc. is a sustainable chemicals company with a thriving European presence due to its bio-based succinic acid production operations in Bazancourt, France, not far from Reims.
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