BioAmber Inc. Presents Innovation Seminar at In Cosmetics 2014

May 5, 2014
BioAmber Inc.'s own Dr. Tara Mullen presented an Innovation Seminar at In Cosmetics 2014 titled BioAmber Inc. — Chemistry Inspired by Nature — New, Natural Personal Care Ingredients.
Tara_Mullen_at_In_Cosmetics_2014Dr. Tara Mullen Application Engineering & Tech Support Manager BioAmber Inc.

This year’s show was the best attended In Cosmetics show held outside of Paris, with over 7,200 visitors.  The presentation focused on the utility of bio-based succinic acid as a versatile intermediate for novel, natural personal care ingredients. 

BioAmber Inc.’s bio-succinic acid can be used as a preservative, an effervescent agent, and an intermediate for natural emollient esters and solvents.  Emollient esters from bio-based succinic acid impart a silky, powdery light, dry, non-greasy sensory signal to hair and skin care formulations, while providing gloss and shine to hair care formulations.  The esters are easily formulated, are up to 100% derived from plants, and are mild and non-irritating, giving an excellent combination of performance and environmental profile.
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