Jean-François Huc, BioAmber Inc.'s CEO, wins International Award from SCI Canada

BioAmber’s President and C.E.O., Jean-François Huc, wins the International Award for outstanding achievement in business development in the Chemical Industry given by SCI Canada, the business forum of the Chemical Institute of Canada.

January 24, 2014
He will receive the prestigious honour at the annual awards dinner in Toronto on April 3, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel (
Jean-Francois Huc winner of the SCI canada international award
“Once again our awards will recognize top achievers and leaders in their chemical sectors”, says David Beckman, Chair, SCI Canada. Huc’s outstanding service was given acclaim by the forum, describing how he successfully leveraged international technology, business, and financial partnerships to revolutionize how products are made using BioAmber Inc.’s Chemistry inspired by nature® core philosophy .

Under Huc’s leadership, BioAmber Inc. developed a technology for converting glucose to bio-based succinic acid. The process was scaled up in France; the products commercialized worldwide and the company funded with the help of Wall Street investors, strategic partners, venture firms, and support from Canadian federal and provincial governments and organizations. Huc recruited a seasoned international corporate team and forged R&D and product development partnerships.

SCI Canada acknowledged his contribution: “Huc is a great example of a Canadian entrepreneur who took a start-up company to international commercial success using a global, open innovation approach to commercialisation.”
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