BioAmber Inc. Highlights the Accelerated Development of the Bio-based Economy at BIO World Congress 2015

BioAmber Inc. opened the BIO World Congress 2015 Event yesterday, July 19th welcoming participants at a reception at the Palais des Congrès in Montréal

July 20, 2015
Babette extended thanks to BIO; to Brent Ericsson, Jim Greenwood and their team who, as every year, have done a fantastic job of organizing the event. The World Congress started small, but has grown with the Bio Based economy to over 1,000 attendees this year. She also extended thanks to BIO for their work, year-on-year for the last 15 years of driving policy in North America to support industry progress, and helping provide the policy framework to help get us to where we are today.

"From a small group of pioneering companies, with a vision of a better future based on industrial biotechnology, our sector has grown to encompass large chemical manufacturers, paints & coatings companies, textiles , footwear, food ingredients and even large consumer goods companies, capped with the latest announcement from LEGO of a 1 Billion Danish Kronor investment to boost research for sustainable materials.

Looking back over the last 4 years, since BioAmber Inc.’s first Welcome Address at the 2011 BIO World Congress in Toronto, Babette Pettersen, Chief Commercial Officer, BioAmber Inc. commented on the progress that has been made.

This adds to the growing commitment of players at all levels of the value chain, to accelerate the development of the Bio Based Economy, as the market interest and need for more sustainable solutions steadily increases across a broad range of applications.

At the same time we see growing application of Bio Based chemicals across a range of markets, of offering not only improved sustainability, but also new performance attributes, for more sustainable innovation, with significant market potential.



Our industry is still raising a fair amount of money. Over $1.3 Billion in new capital in the past 12 months, up 5% on last year, and new commercial plants are coming online to create the capacity, economics and robust supply chains needed to grow the business, with BioAmber Inc.’s commercial plant starting up this quarter in Sarnia, Ontario, which will be the world’s largest Bio Succinic Acid plant, with 30,000 MT capacity.

There are, of course, still challenges ahead. It is a marathon; not a sprint, but it is clear that we now have a firm foothold and, if we stay on course, the future looks bright!"


BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology

#BIOWC15 concludes Wednesday in Montréal.

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