BioAmber Inc. Announces Opening of World’s Largest Succinic Acid Plant in Sarnia

Facility uses biotechnology to produce sustainable chemicals from sugar

August 6, 2015
“The opening of the BioAmber Sarnia facility is key to the development of Sarnia’s very unique bio-industrial complex, delivering good jobs, significant exports, and diverse markets for Ontario farmers with the full support of the Government of Ontario. The production and development of sustainable chemicals by BioAmber Inc., working from within the existing chemistry cluster in Sarnia, is an economic and environmental win for the community and the province.”
- Brad Duguid,
Member of Provincial Parliament Scarborough-Centre,
Minister of Economic Development,
Employment and Infrastructure

Quick Facts

  • BioAmber Sarnia construction cost:  approximately US $141.5 million  
  • Capacity: 30,000 tons/year of succinic acid
  • World’s largest succinic acid plant
  • Disruptive technology is lower cost than oil-based production
  • Markets: increasing demand for renewable building block chemicals in large global markets
  • Applications: examples include: plastics, paints, textiles and coatings, artificial leather, food and flavours and personal care products
  • Volumes specified in signed take-or-pay and sales agreements exceed annual production capacity
  • Approximately 300 construction jobs and 60 full-time jobs were created by the project; many of the plant operators are graduates from Lambton College
  • 100% reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions compared to the equivalent production process that uses petroleum  

To join in on the inauguration exprience, see our Sarnia Media Kit.
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