BioAmber Inc. Presented Paper on the use of Bio-Succinate Polyester Polyols in Modified Thermoplastic Urethanes

BioAmber's Bill Coggio, Global Applications Development Manager, and Kris Weigal, VP Business Development Americas, Exhibited at The Polyurethanes Technical Conference, CPI, USA in October

November 4, 2015
CPI is the premier event for the polyurethanes industry in North America with over 1000 attendees. There were over 55 exhibitors plus 25 posters.

Bill Coggio and Kris Weigal, BioAmber, CPI 2015

The Polyurethanes Technical Conference is a very collaborative organization, working to promote new applications and technology in polyurethanes. Each year, the Center for the Polyurethanes Industry boasts an unbeatable lineup of Technical Sessions. This year, the technical sessions continued to offer more than 80 presentations, including the paper from BioAmber Inc., presented by Bill Coggio. BioAmber Inc.’s paper highlighted the properties that Bio-Based Succinic Acid enables in a wide range of polyester polyols useful in polyurethanes. The data demonstrates that polyol property ranges can be fine-tuned to obtain an excellent combination of properties with superior solvent resistance, compared to adipates and PTMEG based polyurethanes, thus enabling polyurethanes with a unique combination of performance and renewable content.

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