BioAmber Inc. Presents at LAUNCH Green Chemistry Forum 2015

BioAmber Inc. VP of Strategy, Louise Batchelor, discusses the innovation & growth potential of bio-based building blocks in the displacement of incumbent petrochemicals

February 2, 2015
Cape Canaveral, FL, Jan. 23, 2015 – Among 10 innovators selected to present at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, BioAmber Inc. highlighted the pursuit of improved performance, value and sustainability across integrated supply chains. BioAmber Inc. is contributing to the momentum behind the adoption, acceleration and commercialization of bio-based chemicals.


LAUNCH is an open innovation platform that was founded by NASA, NIKE, The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and The U.S. Department of State to identify and foster breakthrough solutions to create a more sustainable world. 
BioAmber Inc. was selected to present their solutions and engage in moderated discussions with LAUNCH council members, who represent business, investment, international development, policy, science and sustainability sectors.
During her presentation, Ms. Batchelor described BioAmber Inc.’s innovative process for converting renewable sugars to bio-based succinic acid a chemical building-block that replaces petroleum-based chemicals in a broad range of products from industrial applications such as polyurethanes, paints and coatings, to specialty applications, such as flavours and food, and personal care ingredients. She also identified the challenges in moving forward with such disruptive innovation, to which she proposed the next steps in the displacement of incumbent petrochemicals.
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