BioAmber Sarnia Inauguration Recognized by Government, Industry and Media

The largest of its kind in the world, the plant’s launch is being hailed as a major accomplishment, and not only for BioAmber Inc.

August 17, 2015
Politicians, industry representatives and media outlets were present in Sarnia on August 6th as BioAmber Inc. unveiled its new bio-succinic acid production facility.
“The opening of the BioAmber Sarnia facility is key to the development of Sarnia’s unique bio-industrial complex, delivering good jobs, significant exports, and diverse markets for Ontario farmers with the full support of the Government of Ontario,” said Deputy Premier, Deb Matthews.
Local media outlets echoed the praise for BioAmber Inc.. Articles in the Sarnia Journal, Sarnia Observer, Blackburn News, and Lambton Shield all emphasized the plant’s contribution to the area’s economic development. Many of the plant operators in Sarnia are graduates from nearby Lambton College, whose applied research division chimed in over Twitter during the inauguration event, “This is big news not only for BioAmber Inc. but for Lambton College and Sarnia.”
The economic impact of the Sarnia Plant extends well beyond Sarnia. The ability to produce bio-succinic acid at a commercial scale opens up the potential to revolutionize entire industries. As manufacturers respond to increased consumer demand for sustainable products, BioAmber Inc.’s bio-based alternatives offer a solution. Processing Magazine, Canadian Plastics, and Plastics Today were amongst industry outlets that highlighted the Sarnia event’s industry significance.
Here are some photos captured during the inauguration event:

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Photo source: Sarnia Journal

Photo source: Sarnia Journal
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