BioAmber Inc. Secures Best-In-Class Technology for Planned BDO/THF Plants

License from Johnson Matthey Davy Technologies accelerates deployment of next commercial plant

April 8, 2015
BioAmber Inc. today announced it has entered into a technology license with Johnson Matthey Davy Technologies (JM Davy). The licensing package will enable BioAmber Inc. to construct and operate a 100,000 ton per year capacity plant that uses bio-succinic acid as the feedstock to produce 70,000 tons of 1,4-butanediol (BDO) and 30,000 tons of tetrahydrofuran (THF). BioAmber Inc. has also secured the right to license the JM Davy technology for two additional BDO/THF plants.
  • BDO/THF technology with demonstrated and guaranteed performance enables BioAmber Inc. to leverage its low cost bio-succinic acid to produce cost competitive bio-BDO and bio-THF
  • License eliminates need to build and operate a demonstration plant and accelerates deployment of a 100,000 ton capacity commercial BDO/THF plant that BioAmber Inc. plans to commission in 2018
  • JM Davy license, along with the signed Vinmar offtake agreement and an operating Sarnia plant, offers an attractive low risk profile that will facilitate project financing for BioAmber Inc.’s next plant

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