BioAmber Inc. Welcomes the Paris Agreement – a Positive Signal to Markets

December 14, 2015
Montreal, Canada, December 13, 2015. BioAmber Inc. (NYSE: BIOA), a leader in renewable materials, welcomes the announcement of the Agreement to Act on Climate Change. BioAmber Inc. congratulates the more than 190 countries who came together to establish a durable framework for the reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions.

BioAmber Inc. renews its ongoing commitment to climate action

BioAmber Inc. renews its ongoing commitment to climate action, as expressed in our American Business Act on Climate Pledge.

Our mission is to produce materials made from renewable resources instead of fossil fuels, offering our customers competitively priced, sustainable building block chemicals that have the cleanest environmental footprint in the industry.

A Clear Signal to Markets
The Agreement sends a clear signal to markets and investors that the global economy will transition from fossil fuels to a low carbon, sustainable future.

Investors can have more confidence in supporting the shift away from fossil fuels and towards clean technologies. The provisions for reporting and transparency will encourage progress on the targets set by the Agreement.

The commitments made by industry in support of these goals are a critical contribution to the implementation of the measures endorsed in the new global framework.

BioAmber Inc. uses biotechnology to convert renewable sugars into succinic acid, a building block chemical used to make a wide range of products including plastics, paints, textiles, synthetic leather, polyesters and personal care products. BioAmber Inc. operates the world’s largest succinic acid manufacturing facility, a 30,000 metric ton (approximately 70 million pound) capacity plant in Sarnia, Canada.

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