BioAmber Inc. Joins Smart Prosperity

A New Canadian Initiative for a Stronger and Cleaner Economy

March 1, 2016
BioAmber is excited to join the launch of Smart Prosperity - a brand new Canadian initiative aimed to build a stronger and cleaner economy. Here are three reasons to check out this new initiative:

BioAmber Joins Smart Prosperity

  1. Look who’s leading it. Smart Prosperity is backed by a really broad group of Canadians from all parts of society (business, resources, cleantech, youth, Indigenous people, researchers, environmental groups, labour organizations). You’ll recognize more than one name on this impressive list including Jean-François Huc, BioAmber’s Chief Executive Officer. The Prime Minister will attend the launch.

  2. These leaders have 5 big ideas. Smart Prosperity believes that Canada can boost our competitiveness, innovation and environmental performance on pace with the world’s leading nations over the next 10 years. And they’ve outlined the five big actions we need to take to get there. You can read about the leaders and their ideas here.

  3. Canada needs this. All around us we see evidence that the global economy is shifting. High-efficiency, low-pollution: that’s the future. Canada needs to move with it if we want to compete. We’ve got what it takes, but now’s the right time to pick up the pace.

BioAmber will be bringing you news of Smart Prosperity and specifically how we will be participating. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this new initiative.

Help spread the word and join the conversation by following @SmartProsperity #NewThinking.


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