Our Approach to Innovation

BioAmber Inc. is committed to open innovation. The origins of our technology date back to research performed in the late 90s by labs associated with the US Department of Energy. Building on this core platform, we have secured proven technologies from third parties that have improved our overall technology platform and made it best-in-class.

An improved organism (a yeast developed by Cargill) and a process for converting succinic acid to 1,4-butanediol (a process licensed from Johnson Matthey Davy Technologies) have enabled us to broaden our product portfolio and lower our production costs. We complement these in-licensing efforts with R&D performed in our Minneapolis laboratory to continuously improve our core technology and broaden our product portfolio.

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BioAmber Patents

Our Patents

BioAmber Inc.'s technology platform is protected by three types of intellectual property. There are patents that we have filed and obtained, patents we have licensed from others, and trade secrets that we have not disclosed. Our intellectual property portfolio covers our yeast, the metabolic pathways we have optimized within our yeast, the way we design and operate our fermenters, the ways we purify succinic acid, and certain applications such as the use of succinic acid in personal care and succinic acid based plasticizers. 

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Our BioTechnology

BioAmber biotechnology Corn farming Corn milling Dextrose High fructose corn syrop Bio-based succinic acid Purification Fermentation
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Our Conversion Technology

BioAmber conversion technology Succinic Acid Catalyst Distillation 1,4-Butanediol
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BioAmber Inc. is developing a second product platform that uses biotechnology to produce the building blocks for nylon. BioAmber Inc. is leveraging its yeast and has exclusively in-licensed a patent protected metabolic pathway that enables the conversion of sugar into adipic acid, hexamethylene diamine (HMD) and caprolactam. These are the monomers used to produce both nylon 6,6 and nylon 6.

BioAmber Inc.'s initial focus is on the production of adipic acid. We have secured exclusive rights to Cargill’s yeast for the production of adipic acid. This allows us to leverage the molecular biology experience we gained in developing succinic acid and apply it to adipic acid. The pathway we licensed exclusively from Celexion provides us with a cost effective path to adipic acid. The similarity between adipic acid and succinic acid (both di-carboxylic acids) also allows us to leverage the purification experience we gained with succinic acid.

Next product platform - feedstock technology Sugar Fermentation Purification Adipic acid
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